Caldwell is toast

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions Blitz' started by badnews3123, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    IMO There is nothing wrong with Stafford, in a year or two he won't even be highest paid and the cap space is only going to go up. The Lions have to find a RB, and he has to stay healthy. Also the Lion need to fix the lines and the coaching. Till all those get fixed I just don't see us leaving the pit of misery.
  2. bigdogchris One-trick pony pwner.

    Our only chance now is Atlanta losing next week at NO and then at home vs the Panthers and we win the next two.
  3. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    Atlanta was always the best option, especially after Panthers beat Vikings.

    Tampa almost pulled it off last night, that ref face planting trying to spot the ball and refs not calling delay of game for Falcons player laying on Bucs WR on last play were no help.
  4. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    I think we win out, and I could see Atlanta losing out, but the dirty birds are on fire I just don't think it will happen.
  5. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    I could see them winning both, but they were far from impressive last night.
  6. goldenlions International Playboy

    They play like they did last night, they will lose both. That Tampa team was down to third stringers on defense and the Falcons barely won.
  7. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    The Lions will figure out a way to lose one of these 2. One good thing about Atlanta winning is Rodgers is now done.
  8. Liongeezer Ornery Old Fart

    That over turned TD against the Falcons is going to come back to haunt the Lions. The NFL is just so full of shit. Their interpretation of ball possession on that play was totally dishonest.
  9. Huntermsu Mr. Negativity

    If it gets Caldwell fired it will be a blessing in disguise. this team isn't a threat in the playoffs with this defensive line.
  10. TechLion Super Genius

    Here is the problem, Brady, Brees or Rodgers who are all far better than Stafford were not able to win a Super Bowl with a comparable contract. Brady took a pay cut because he realized that his team was not going to win another Super Bowl if he didn't. Payten Manning is the only QB that took almost as much of the cap space as Stafford and won a SB, but his team had a great defense and Stafford is not in the same league as Manning.

    Stafford is probably talented enough to win a Super Bowl if he has a great team around him. Do you understand that the odds of him having a great team around him are slim to none with his ridiculous contract.

    I told you guys a million times that based on history, Stafford's contract killed any chance of the Lions winning a SB in the next 5 to 7 years. Maybe you can tell me what team other than Manning in Denver has ever won a SB when the QB took up almost 15% of the cap!!!!!!

    So when you illogical emotional stupid fans tell me how legit Stafford is, you can all go FUCK OFF. History tells me that I am right and you are ALL WRONG!
  11. Liongeezer Ornery Old Fart

    Cap has nothing to do with it Tech, great drafting does! Draft great along with Stafford and the Lions will win a SB.
  12. littlekaps Member

    Goodbye Caldwell. Go retire somewhere. I think I am more pissed at this team this year than the 0-16 team.
  13. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    Seeing a few sports reporters calling for Caldwell's head.
  14. TechLion Super Genius

    It's all in the math Liongeezer. Even when you draft well you need to be able to resign those players in a few years. The single most important part of building a NFL football team by far is how you manage the cap. Of coarse the NFL doesn't want you do know this because talking about free agency, having hope your team can quickly turn things around and the draft is what keeps fans interested in the game. You are being fooled by the NFL. Don't worry about it, most people are fooled by corporations every day.
  15. goldenlions International Playboy

    Everything you just said in this paragraph is wrong.
  16. Huntermsu Mr. Negativity

    Sometimes I wonder if he does this on purpose...

  17. With Stafford's contract;

    Total Cap Liabilities: $128,809,606
    • Top 51: $121,667,707
    • Team Cap Space: $53,713,605
    • Offense: $85,915,749
    • Defense: $30,331,958
    • Special: $6,125,000

    Total Cap Liabilities: $117,793,205
    • Top 51: $117,793,205
    • Team Cap Space: $72,206,795
        • Offense: $74,403,121
        • Defense: $36,990,084
        • Special: $6,400,000
    Total Cap Liabilities: $81,949,056
    • Top 51: $81,949,056
    • Team Cap Space: $118,050,944
        • Offense: $53,315,017
        • Defense: $20,883,763
        • Special: $7,750,276
  18. littlekaps Member

    If you stop the option on Ebron, you are over 61M in cap space. The draft will be key as they need defensive line with pass rushers. Ngata is probably retiring and is a free agent. Whitehead is a free agent which would cost you 5/6M a year to keep which isn't worth it. Nevin Lawson is a free agent and someone is going to pay him by accident, I hope it isn't Detroit. Swanson is a free agent and his concussion history is scaring me right now. Which brings us to Ansah and his payday. He has 9 sacks which is a mirage as 6 came against Cincinnati and the Giants. I would not pay him 16M a year.

    Offense needs - Center/LG, Running Back, 2 TEs, 4th WR
    Defense Needs - DT, 2DEs, 2LBs, CB

    That's a pretty big shopping list for an offseason. They have the cash to get some pieces and they will be picking middle of the first round. Should be an interesting offseason.
  19. Felix True Fan

    I was just coming here to say...tbere are a lot of holes on this team right now a d i am not that optimistic going forward....the only reason lions have as decent of a record, and any hooe going forward, is because they have stafford. That is weird to say since he isnt a put the team on his back type of QB (yet?), but he does win this team games...but there are just so many holes on D, the whole front 7 needs starters, the OL is many holes
  20. TechLion Super Genius

    Hunter and Golden, please tell me one thing that is incorrect with the post below.

    The NFL doesn't talk about the cap because is boring. Anyone that disputes it's importance is a typical sheep that is fooled by propaganda.

  21. K-Dawg Big Dawg Is Here!

    IDK about 2 TEs. Quin might bring in someone to compete with Roberts to start, but I don't think he's viewed as the 3rd TE. I'd dip into free agency here, and look at guys like Ed Dickson, Niles Paul, Luke Wilson, Derek Carrier. I'd kick the tires on Graham, but probably wouldn't sign him due to how much he would probably want.

    I want to bring in Donte Moncrief at WR. When Luck was healthy, Moncrief was good. He had a really bad year, and should be super affordable. I think he could bolster the WR depth.

    I kinda wanna rebuild the entire RB corps. Abdullah won't be back, I'd let Zenner walk, that leaves me with Green and Riddick. I think they are going to draft someone, I'd check the price on Crowell, and see what Demarco Murray and Mark Ingram are looking for. New Orleans saves almost $11 mill by cutting Ingram and taking a $1.6 mill in dead cap, and Tenn saves $13 mill by cutting Murray, with $0 dead cap hit.

    I think C is a better position for Glasgow, so slide him over, and I would spend the money to bring in Justin Pugh to play G, he's the only OL on the Giants worth anything.

    Whether the Lions need 1 or 2 DEs comes down to how friendly of a deal can the Lions get Ansah back at. He had a down year, and couldn't stay on the field, that should lower his cost and make him viable to resign. I'd do it as a stop gap for now, try to get a 3 or 4 year deal, with the intent of not finishing the contract out. Give the Lions time to replace him. if he's looking to cash in, then getting 2 starting caliber DEs in one offseason is incredibly unlikely. There's some decent depth in FA, and that's about it.

    There's some interesting names in FA at DT right now, before adding Suh to the mix when the 'Fins cut him, and Mo Wilkerson when the Jets cut him. Mo is an interesting situation, he clearly wanted out of NY, and did all the wrong things to make that happen. I'm not saying go out and bring back Suh, but I am curious to see what his demands in FA are. IDK if the 'Hawks bring back Sheldon Richardson, he's someone I'd like to bring in. After that it's all depth, which maybe bringing in some better depth at DT would be a good thing. Guys like Leger Douzable, Arthur Jones, and Stephen Paea.

    There's a whole lot of nothing out there at LB. The best option might be to try to bring back Whitehead, and draft someone. Davis isn't going anywhere.

    CB depends on how much you want to spend. The Lions could go all in and look at Trumaine Johnson from the Rams, Justin Bethel from the Cards, Malcolm Butler from the Pats (this might be the most realistic option if Patricia really is the target at HC,) I'm not sure you can get House out of GB, and then Marcus Williams from Houston as the other 2 viable options at lower prices.

    I do want to throw this out there...With the way the defense is set up right now, if Patrica is the target, was/is there a plan in place to eventually establish a 3-4 defense in Detroit? Even if you start this offseason, it'd still take one more offseason to fully set up and establish a 3-4. But it would explain the lack of attention given to both the LBs and DL last offseason, so that they wouldn't get pigeonholed into one formation or another when a new coach could be coming in.
  22. Liongeezer Ornery Old Fart

    Great Post.
  23. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    Patricia doesn't run a 3-4. I don't know why everyone thinks Pats run a 3-4. I know Bill is from Parcells tree and ran a 3-4 for a while, but New England hasn't run a 3-4 in years. This is all ignoring that base fronts are virtually non-existent in today's NFL. Bill and Patricia are smart guys, like most good NFL coaches, they adapt their scheme to the players they have and not try to put players in their system.

    I have no idea why team would need 2 TE's regardless if you think Ebron is coming back or not. Which it's very possible he is coming back since they already picked up his option(I know it's not guaranteed)and he's actually been decent in the second half of the year. Still you'd have Roberts on the roster, so you'd basically need depth. Not sure why that would be listed as a need.

    After WR3 you better have special teams value. Not sure Moncrief has that or wants to have that. TJ Jones also had a pretty good season and is a RFA. I'd rather bring him back.

    They need RB help, because Riddick is not reliable as a runner more than a handful of carries. Green is a dime a dozen guy. Abdullah is a bit of a wild card because question is where the demotion came from, coaching staff or FO? If you keep Abdullah you need a back to pair with him and try to keep Abdullah's touches in the 12-16 range. I'm not a fan of using any back for 20-25 touches a game unless you have an elite guy like Gurley, Bell, Elliot, etc.

    Which is why I'd generally stay away from FA on a RB. Crowell is interesting because he still has limited mileage, but Murray has almost 2000 touches on his career and Ingram will probably be around 1400 by time his season is over. That's a lot of wear and tear to pay what will probably be a decent price.

    I think they view Glasgow as a C, too. Pugh would be nice, but how much money do you want to invest in the OL is the question? Pugh is probably going to be top guard on the market so you're looking at a big contract. I'd rather they look to draft where there are some decent prospects or look for stop-gap vet to compete with Dahl, who's been ok last couple games.

    Ziggy thing will be interesting to monitor. His numbers will look good at end of the season, but he's beat up on bad competition and just doesn't look explosive anymore. He's still good against the run, but his pass rushing skills are limited to beating up on bad Tackles. Question is how does league view him? Is he looked at as top guy in weak market so you have to pay to get what's there or do teams worry that his body is beat up and he's limited now. Like you said, not much out there right now at DE.

    This team needs an interior pass rush more than anything else. They've gotten next to nothing from the interior and I think in today's league interior pass rush is more important than edge. Wilkerson and Richardson are elite talents, but man I'd be scared to add those guys into the mix.

    I'm not sure Dolphins cut Suh. He's still ridiculously good and they could kick some of that money to the back end of his deal and keep him for next season and year after. Not sure team could handle cutting their best player after giving him a monster deal in FA unless they're blowing it up and likely not doing in that in year 2 with Gase.

    Whitehead has been decent this season back outside, probably decent enough to price himself out of Detroit. Team invested in Davis and Maybin, who will likely get bigger role next season. Could see them adding another Worrilow level vet and adding another LB to develop in draft. Have to hope for step forward from young guys.

    Tabor is gonna get his shot next year as so you're probably looking for a new slot guy and depth with Diggs likely sticking at S with the way he's played there since moving. There's gonna be talent out there to fill it.
  24. Liongeezer Ornery Old Fart

    I would have to disagree with your above premise. The Patriots are very scheme oriented and very good at finding talent that fits their scheme. Therefore, if you bring in Patricia or McDaniels, the talent on the team would have to be totally revamped to the new scheme.
    In addition, McDaniels has already shown in Denver he can't handle being a head coach. Bill O'Brein is another coach from the Belichick tree having limited success. So please, no Patriot coaches for me.

    First off I would not keep Eric Ebron. He is not worth 8.5 million a year. I also believe that once he gets paid, he will go back to his same mode of operation. Malingering with lack of focus and lackadaisical attitude towards football. Also Darren Fells is a free agent and 31 years of age. Has questionable hands. Dropped several TDs in pivotal games this year. So I believe 2 TEs are a must. One in the draft and one free agency.

    I would love to have Donte Moncrief on this team. He has size and speed to be a good number 2 WR. Golden Tate will be in his final year of his contract in 2018 with a cap hit of 9.35 million. His dead cap if he is released is 2.35 million, saving the Lions 7 million against the cap. Tate will also be 30 years old in August, so age will start becoming a factor for him, maybe as early as next season. Moncrief could be a good deal for the Lions.

    Abdullah is not the same back and may never be after last years lisfranc injury. Zenner and Washington have not developed lacking vision and/or speed. All 3 should be released. I would bring back Tion Greene. He lacks speed, but has good vision and runs with power and purpose. This coming draft has some very good RBs. I would take 2 RBs in the draft and probably be set at RB for the next five years.

    I believe the OL is solid. They just need a better scheme and RBs. I absolutely agree that Glasgow is our OC. He will be top 10 next year. This is a solid draft for interior lineman so, I would look to the draft for a guy to play left guard or at least back up Dahl if he wins the job. Frank Ragnow can play center/guard or Isaah Wynn left guard and has the feet, but lacks length, to play tackle. We also have Koloamatangi as guard or center on the practice squad.

    Ziggy has been injured the last 2 years. Ankle last year and his knee this year. Since the Lions stay totally silent on the extent of his injuries, we don't know if he will ever again be the Ziggy we know and love. Depending on his medical evaluation, if his health in the future is predicted to be good, Ziggy is a priority free agent signing. There is nothing in free agency this year, so the draft may have to be our only chance for help in this area.

    I would take Muhammad Wilkerson to replace Ngata, and then draft Harrison Phillips, problem solved.

    Whitehead cost the Lions nearly 5 million this year. He is not worth it. His coverage skills absolutely kill us in big games. I don't believe he will get 5 million again from the Lions, however, somebody else will be stupid enough to pay him. I would replace Whitehead with Zach Brown in free agency. Brown has speed and coverage ability plus he is a tackling machine. We will see a big jump from Davis and Maybin.

    I still don't like Diggs for nothing (slot, safety or waterboy). I wish Killebrew as strong safety would make up his mind and become the player he can be. As far as CB, If the Patriots Butler breaks free, grab him. Big upgrade over Lawson. All I have to say about Tabor, he is going to be good. He is already playing zone and in the slot very well.
  25. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    False. They are extremely adaptive. Belichick has been known to study other coaches going back to Chip Kelly at Oregon, Urban Meyer, etc. and take things and bring them into his systems. This goes to the point, they don't run a 3-4 right now, if they were scheme specific they'd still be running the same system. They adapt to their talent. Yes, they'd have a new scheme if they got new coaches, but that doesn't mean they'd be running a 3-4. And again, very few teams run a true base anymore.

    As for Pats coaching tree, it's up and down. Whether McDaniels can handle another job or not is a good question. Imagine if the Pats questioned whether Belichick could handle another coaching when they gave him the job...

    This all a fine opinion to have. Though I doubt he's dropped "several TD's". Still wouldn't shock me if he's back, Lions have plenty of cap space with his option already picked up. Also listing 3rd string TE as a need seems like a bit a silly.

    I like Moncrief. I'd rather extend Tate than sign Moncrief.

    Green and Zenner have ST value, matter of picking which one you value more. Green hasn't shown any more as a runner than Zenner(actually think Zenner has shown more, but was hurt this year). Both are replaceable though. Abdullah will have to be evaluated by whoever(if happens)takes over.

    Eh, I don't know if I want to say OL is solid. Think they should be given investments, but it's not like running the ball has been the only issue. Obviously health is a major factor this year, too. Still, tied into 4 of these guys so you have what you have for most part.

    Davis has been the LB with coverage issues. You know the guy the staff pulled off the field in passing situations this season. Whitehead did not "kill" the Lions in passing situations. He's a good run defender and ok against the pass.

    I know you like to use PFF stats a lot. They like Whitehead this season, while they do not like Zach Brown.
    You don't like players that produce and play well? Weird.

    Killebrew not getting that spot when Wilson went down was telling. Hopefully he can turn a corner. I do wonder if he'd be better served bulking a little and moving to LB.

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