Caldwell is toast

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions Blitz' started by badnews3123, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Liongeezer Ornery Old Fart

    Good points Badnews thanks
  2. TheDane Well-Known Member

    Managing the cap is 10x easier now that this team isn't paying 3 players 50% of the cap. CJ did us a huge favor by retiring. We HAVE the money to make the moves we need to make. Tag Ansah for 1 year and keep Ebron. Even if we draft a DE in the first, they have very little impact in their first year. Ebron is worth 1 more year as well and it allows us to use the draft on bigger needs. We have very little dead cap if we cut AA but I'm not sure why we wouldn't go one more year with him as depth in a rotation. Whitehead deserves to come back, just don't blow the top off to do it.

    Immediate needs are C, I think Swanson is done in the NFL. DT, Ngata was barely a solution when he was healthy. RB, there's nothing I can say that hasn't been said 100x already by the media. Why Quinn treats this position like it's no big deal is beyond me. OLB, even if we get Whitehead back we need another one. I also agree with the people who think Killebrew should be considered for this role. CB only if Tabor isn't a legitimate choice to step up.

    I have Vita Vea with our first pick. Defensive player of the year in the Pac 12. Part of the problem why the DE's haven't been more effective is because we simply aren't disrupting the pocket. While his MO is a run stopper, Vea is disruptive as well.

    OC Will Clapp didn't allow a sack in 2016. He was also the guy that Fournette and Guice were fortunate enough to run behind. When people talk about fixing the trenches first, they are correct and adding these 2 would have an immediate impact .

    Kerry Hyder will be back but I would consider a DE in either the 3rd or 4th. RB same, either 3rd or 4th.

    I like Penny because he also is a special teams threat and we need depth if Agnew goes down again. DE is really a toss up.

    We have plenty of money to keep the guys we want and to go into FA. I am not in favor of paying Lawson and I think he will get paid by someone. Agnew is a CB, we'll see if he can be part of the rotation.

    When people pick their teams apart they ALL have the kind of holes we have, we aren't unique. And we lost games this year not based on talent, but coaching. This team should have made the playoffs.
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  3. bigdogchris One-trick pony pwner.

    I disagree with tagging Ansah. The evidence (playing like shit and injured for the past 2 years) says he's done. There's rumors that he lied about his age and is actually older or that he just doesn't know how old he really is due to birth record issues in his home country. I just really don't see any reason to lock in a 28 year old DE with a deal when DE's basically die at 30.

    I'm fine bringing Ebron back 1 more year to see how he continues to progress.

    We definitely need to draft or sign a stud LG and move Glasgow to Center where he should be.

    I'm looking forward to Hyder returning by I am cautiously optimistic due to not knowing how he'll perform after recovery.

    Draft targets should be LG, DT, DE, RB, LB
  4. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    I'd let Ansah go, Ebron has been on fire, he might be worth bringing back one more year. I could see the Lions offering Le'Veon Bell a huge offer, and maybe Mark Ingram if he becomes a FA. Carlos Hyde maybe? If they lose out on RB in FA then we are going RB either 1st or 2nd round in the draft.
  5. TheDane Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't spend a dime on RB in FA, this draft is loaded as was last year. There simply aren't as many teams this year that need a lead back so we don't have to be in a hurry to get a good one. Like last year there should be great value in the 3rd but probably the 4th as well.
  6. Huntermsu Mr. Negativity

    I agree with Dane as far as free agent RBs go the shelf life of a RB can be so short and rookies can make such an immediate impact that spending on a free agent is normally a bad investment, the only free agent I might be convinced is worth a shot is Carlos Hyde but only because he might be able to be signed at a discount and it will only be his second contract, Mark Ingram or Demarco Murray 3rd contract RBs? no way.

    Take a shot at a RB in the 2nd or 3rd if the value is right and/or one in the 4th or later and them fight it out, the free agent money has to go to DL and sadly the OL again.

    And I am for getting rid of Ebron unless he plays for cheap his drops and inconsistency are just too much to count on him as a legitimate part of the offense.
  7. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    Assuming Caldwell does get fired, Bill O'Brien might just be available.
  8. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    NFL Network's Mike Silver reports Patriots DC Matt Patricia would be the "leading candidate" for the Lions' coaching job if Jim Caldwell gets fired.
    Most reports expect Caldwell to be fired after failing to make the playoffs. This isn't the first time Patricia has been linked to Detroit given his ties to GM Bob Quinn, who overlapped with Patricia in New England. Patricia interviewed with multiple teams last year and looks likely to land a head coaching job this offseason.
  9. goldenlions International Playboy

    Posted a poll, just curious to see what people think. Thanks.
  10. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    You will love this, Cooter will remain if Patricia is hired\.

  11. That is troubling... If we move from Caldwell, move from both Austin, and JBC.

    I know I will be chastised for saying this, but moving from Caldwell is a mistake IMHO...
  12. K-Dawg Big Dawg Is Here!

    They do morph their system around situations, we agree on that. But when looking at the Lions vs the Pats, I see more versatility in their players to switch around into whatever D the situation calls for. I don't really see that in Detroit. Detroit can run the nickel, dime, 4-3, 5 down linemen, but they don't have the flexibility to throw out 4 LBs and 3 space eaters to stuff the run, and when they do have 4 LBs on the field, that 4th LB is a safety. Which can be a nice wrinkle depending on the situation, but I don't want to rely on it (probably poor wording here.)

    With the way the staff is set up currently, finding a good OL coach to really gel these guys would be awesome, but I'm not sure I'm looking at making sweeping changes across the board to the offensive staff.
  13. K-Dawg Big Dawg Is Here!

    By that logic, the Pats never should have hired Belichick because he couldn't cut it in Cleveland. I think when you take that step forward the first time, then go back to being an OC, you should be allowed a 2nd shot. I think Schwartz with the Giants makes a lot of sense, as an example.
  14. Liongeezer Ornery Old Fart

    Luv ya K-Dawg you deserve further explanation. In McDaniel's case it is not so much that he is not a great coach, he is. But from what I understand, he is extremely arrogant and without strong personalities like Bill Belichick and Tom Brady to keep him in check, he runs amuck rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. I just don't think McDaniel can humble himself enough to be a good HC. It is like asking a zebra to change it's stripes so to say.
  15. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    It's certainly possible and I think Quinn not even bothering to interview McDaniels is telling. Unless he just knows McDaniels isn't going anywhere and is waiting to take over for BB.
  16. Liongeezer Ornery Old Fart

  17. K-Dawg Big Dawg Is Here!

    I don't know if I agree with this. His first time around, this was clearly the case, has anything happened recently that would add fuel to this?

    That's 8 years ago, if he's as smart as people think, don't you think he would have outgrown that? I said in a different thread that I thought Jim Schwartz would be a good fit for the Giants. That's all based around believing he's matured, and if he can keep his temper in check.

    I think in the end, Quinn is looking for someone to fix the D, and believes that whoever he hires is going to retain Cooter. I don't think it's steering away from certain candidates, as much as he has a very specific type in mind. If it's Vrabel or Patricia, the offensive staff probably stays in place, with the exception of a new OL coach being brought in, as opposed to hired from within.

    I also believe that Belichick, Brady, Kraft, and McDaniels know the timeline. I think Brady and Belichick have in mind WHEN they want to retire, and McDaniels was told the job is his when he retires. If I'm McDaniels, I'm sitting in NE until then. That job, even if it needs a rebuild, is way more attractive then any other job opening up, outside of specific coaches retiring.
  18. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    Not sure I agree with that. I mean, I get that you get the pedigree of a winning organization, and great ownership, but do you want to be the guy that follows Belichick without Brady? Sounds like career suicide. But if that is what he wants I give him credit for accepting the challenge and would make me want him as our head coach even more.
  19. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    There is now a report that Belichick might be out in NE after this year. If that is the case I would do anything it would take to get him, even if it meant canning or demoting Quinn.
  20. Liongeezer Ornery Old Fart

    You would give up the best GM the Lions ever had, for a immature Coach. I don't understand the thinking BB. How can you justify even saying the above?

    I also have one more example about McDaniel's maturity that is relatively recent. He said something to Brady, during the Bills game in December, about missing a wide open WR on 3rd down. Brady took the comment very personal and berated McDaniel there on the sideline. I think this situation was handled immaturely by both men. But it took an immature comment to create and receive an immature response from Brady. NO, McDaniel is still not mature in my opinion and will not make a good HC. He will likely end up a cancer in the locker room as he did in Denver.
  21. Rusty Hilger VP, Wrist Cutter's Club

    I think most of his supposed immaturity in Denver centered around his handling of Jay Cutler.

    And I think time has proven McDaniels was right. Cutler was the cancer, and McDaniels wound up making the most out of the situation.

    Okay, now I just remembered Tim Tebow, and trying to trade for Matt Cassel. I'd just make sure not to give him any say whatsoever over personnel.
  22. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    Geezer, did you even read my post? I wasn't talking about McDaniels. I guess it's the old age...
  23. Rusty Hilger VP, Wrist Cutter's Club

    Na. Liongeezer was old in the brain the second his Mom popped him out.
  24. Liongeezer Ornery Old Fart

    What? If you are talking about Belichick, he is retiring. That means he don't want to coach anymore and he has more money than God.

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