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Discussion in 'Detroit Lions Blitz' started by TheDane, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. TheDane Well-Known Member

    The O is ranked 16th and the D is ranked 12th.

    We are 29th in rushing, 7th in passing.

    Not sure how they rank special teams but I really like ours. Prater is solid but not spectacular this year. he is only 10-14 from 40-49. Punting was more than OK w/o Martin, coverage has been decent and Agnew was a great addition.

    Between special teams and INT's returned for TD's we are averaging about 4 points a game.

    OL, what can you say, it's been next man up all year. DL, below average with Ngata, below average w/o him. Now that we are playing lesser opponents it would be nice to see the DT's get pressure and the DE's get some sacks. We'll see.

    The absolute neglect of the running game remains unacceptable. Early in the season they were making 3rd and short, then they dropped Barrett and never came up with another lead blocker. It's nice to run for average, but being able to run effectively and move the chains is an acceptable alternative. Obviously, we aren't doing either.

    Passing game has been great. Outside of the game where they had like 12 or 13 passes defended, Stafford has done very well. Completion percentage is down but he has been effective and is currently #6. I assume that number will go up in the second half of the season.

    Looking forward to the second half. We can't stumble and we need to do what we did last week, score early. Obviously, that was thanks to what was pretty much a bull shit call but it's going to take about 100 more of those in GB to be even so I don't care. If the DL can get any semblance of pressure our int's could really go up. The secondary has been as good as I've seen on a Lions team for a long time.

    Time to suck it up, 1-3 at home isn't the way to do that. They CAN run the table, if they don't it's probably another shot at a wild card and one and done.
  2. J Member

    1. Win the division or Bust.

    2. The run game sucks. I'm not sure if its scheme, talent at the position, but running the ball seems like a chore to this team.
  3. goldenlions International Playboy

    The Oline is only good at stopping a pass rush, they just are not built to push aside defensive lineman to open holes for RBs.

    The injuries and inconsistency have made the Lions play poorly and then great in different games.

    I like the fact that they will probably not play another winning team the rest of the season except Minnesota. Time for the Lions to shine when GB looks like hot garbage.

    I think it will be a two team race for the North, and unfortunately for the Lions they will probably lose every tie breaker for a wild card should they not win the division. That stupid 10 sec rule is going to keep the Lions out of the playoffs unless they win the division.
  4. Huntermsu Mr. Negativity

    As everyone has said it's division title or bust, the offense has to spread out and utilize the WRs since Ebron has reached the point of uselessness, TJ Jones has really developed into good slot WR, Marvin Jones is hot right now a really a big play threat, and Golden Tate continues to be a weapon, hopefully things will really pickup when Decker and Golladay can return to the lineup, but lets also not forget the Lions have arguably the best kicker in the league right now when you can attempt 50+ yarders and be confident you hit well over 50% of them that's really special.

    As far as the defense the lack of pass rush and interior push really hurts it, the secondary has been quite good consider that lack of pressure and the linebackers are much improved with Davis anchoring the middle and allowing Whitehead to be utilized better.
  5. Liongeezer Ornery Old Fart

    I agree with you except for Whitehead.

    If I am the opposing OC, Whitehead would be my target on every offensive series. I would isolate him in coverage with a RB or extra TE. The results would be no punts the entire game and probably beat the Lions by 2 TDs. Whitehead is decent against the run, but half a LB because his coverage ability. Quin needs to find somebody to replace him this year.
  6. Rusty Hilger VP, Wrist Cutter's Club

    Davis is playing like dog shit.

    As expected.

    Rub-blocking = complete shit.
    Offensive line overall = zero depth
    Defensive line overall, mostly dog shit and zero depth.

    Positives: Slay and the entire secondary. Special Teams. Stafford. And with Golladay healthy, our receiving core is dangerous, might even be one of the best group of receivers in the league.

    Lions are somehow winning despite the fact that games are generally won in the trenches.

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