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  1. def 2006 Money Ball Champion!

    This is an aging board. Since its inception many of us have gotten married (not I) matured, had kids and come to realize what is really important in this life. Lets face it the Lions winning is merely a plus. I have been through some arduous times and some great times, but what's truly important are our friends, family and growing as individuals. By this I mean that I have come to understand how, as I have gotten older, how important living a good life truly is. With that I mean, supporting one's family and watching them grow as well. I may have missed the boat here, but I am seeing someone nice and have come to understand that what I have sacrificed under the guise of writing isn't something completely lost. We can do many things to enhance our lives. I am speaking commonsensical of course in that 12 years ago where once we were intense and passionate, that passion has moved to other areas of our lives.

    Keep improving and striving and growing, is the point and the happiness is in getting there along the way. That old saying, "If I knew then what I know now..." couldn't be more poignant, especially in my case, but the goal is to keep improving. Another Lions losing season doesn't make or break us and in light of the real seriousness and turmoil in the world today, it seems downright innocuous.

    Whether we win or lose, is but a footnote, because what truly matters is improving our communities and being the best we, we can be. This is where the greatness of America truly resides and if someone chooses to take a knee (Maybin-Reeves) that is his choice, but one day when these young men, and they are just that, young men grow up they might look back and shake their heads at these times.

    People who kneel are selfish babies. Plain and simple.

    In the Grand Scheme of Things, a football game is just a game compared to what is truly important in the world today.

    That said, let's kick some Panther ass!

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  3. Huntermsu Mr. Negativity

    Meh, kneel or not I am not really interested, frankly it's nothing more than a publicity stunt and the outcry by fans and media just encourages them, bottom line is what ever they do before the game they still go out and wreck their bodies for our amusement and huge sums of money, in the end isn't that all that really matters?
  4. Rusty Hilger VP, Wrist Cutter's Club

    When we were these kids' age .... we grew up in relatively peaceful and prosperous times.

    And we had leaders who weren't complete selfish cum stains on the sheets of humanity. Meaning even if they were people who's politics and policies we didn't agree with, they at least had respect for our Nation of Laws and treated the institution of the Presidency with respect and admiration.

    If you ask me, this whole "taking a knee" thing is pussy crap. It's all for show. And that's what this piece of crap generation has become. A bunch of pussies who's idea of activism is putting weight on one's knee while a song plays. Or clicking the "like" button on a social media article.

    I'll be impressed when they organize an actual significant group of the roughly 70% of Americans who disapprove of him, march to the front of the white house, knock on the from door, and say "Hand him over, we're here to make a citizen's arrest."

    That would show me that they give half a shit to the point where they're willing to actually DO something significant with themselves. If you were to poll every person here, or anywhere for that matter, "If you could go back in a time machine and change one world event," you'll overwhelmingly see most people say they'd go back and shoot Hitler.

    Well ... he's here. Your'e here. No time machine necessary. I'm not suggesting he be shot. But I'd feel like a proud American if people would do their Patriotic duty and do something to incapacitate this man. He's going to start a fucking nuclear war with either North Korea or Iran. And 2 generations from now, these kids' grand kids are going to be sitting around talking about how they wish they could get in a time machine and stop Trump. Well ... here's your chance, kids.
  5. def 2006 Money Ball Champion!

    Rusty, you're a fucking idiot.
  6. Liongeezer Ornery Old Fart

    He keeps talking about "shooting the President" and the FBI will show up at his front door.
  7. Huntermsu Mr. Negativity

    And... of course this leads to it all being the Presidents fault...

    This is societal, electing the subject of a reality show maybe a symptom but whether he is President or not isn't going change this culture of feelings, virtue signaling and oppression Olympics.
  8. Rusty Hilger VP, Wrist Cutter's Club

    I don't care if people think I'm an idiot. Don't care who comes knocking at my door. This isn't about political feelings, oppression, feminism, male-ism, racism, or whatever political ideology or latest social buzz word you can attach to it.

    This is about having a dangerous megalomaniac occupying the highest office.

    He needs to be removed from office. Simple as that. Not suggesting the use of violence. But I would fully support whatever upraising might surface that believes in a Peaceful Solution first. Like my idea of marching a million+ people to the White house, knock on the door, and peacefully ask that he be handed over as part of a citizen's arrest.

    The moment he was elected, I was most worried about a Twitter War with Kim Jong Un. You could see it coming. I drew my line in the sand at "Twitter War with Kim Jong Un," almost as a joke, figuring it could NEVER get to that. Well, he crossed that line, and here we are. He's proven to be a menacing figure and a danger to our safety. Cannot be trusted with Nuclear Codes. We need to show that the country is bigger than one asshat we mistakenly elected as our leader.
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  10. def 2006 Money Ball Champion!

    I hear you, but comparing Trump to Hitler is BS. That's the false narrative a dumbed down America follows from the suggestive cues of the liberal media. Seriously, you have to ask yourself how the North Korea situation has escalated over the years. Trump isn't putting out defiance for no reason. The fat chunky bastard is FIRING off deadly rockets at a serious clip, way more frequent than ever before during any other Presidency. What is Trump supposed to do? Just let him?

    Again, the liberal Media has gotten to you Rusty. Don't believe everything you see or hear or read in the press. If you want a country that just bows their head to evil dictators and terrorists then that is not the country I want. ISIS is being barraged like never before and while there is a lot of attacks under Trump, as well as Hurricanes, how can anyone complain about how he has handled all these situations. I think he gets a bad wrap in the press and The Democrats and their arm of the media, which is 88% of all channels on cable are just butt hurt they lost. They are sore losers.

    I am thankful every damn day that HILLARY Clinton is not running things. Praise God!

    I hate getting political, but it is what it is. The point is if North Korea fires a rocket towards Cali or somewhere, he will be annihilated, as it should be.

    That said - Go Lions!
  11. Rusty Hilger VP, Wrist Cutter's Club

    I was waiting to hear the words "liberal media."

    You know you idiots use that one a lot.

    I base my evaluations on the guy's own words. "Little Rocket Man?" Are you fucking kidding me???? Please tell me this is not actually happening.

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