Jimmy Landes

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions Blitz' started by K-Dawg, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. K-Dawg Big Dawg Is Here!

    And OT Arturo Uzdavinis have been cut to make room for Cyrus and Robinson.

    I just wanted to create the thread to filter in all the complaints about Landes into one area.
  2. goldenlions International Playboy

    I don't know why people are butt hurt over Landes. He was a 6th round compensatory pick. 6th rounds are 99.8% worthless, as was show by the Lions dumping theirs for a guy who in most term is considered a bust right now.
  3. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    According to Dane a 6th round pick is pretty much the difference between a 5-11 season and an 11-5 season.

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