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  1. This was a total trap game, coming off big MNF win, the Browns are more talented than their record, #8 Defense in the NFL coming in. The Lions appeared to take them too lightly, and came out very flat; the blame for that rest clearly on Caldwell.

    The next two week are crucial, on the road against the Bears, and then home for potential for the division showdown with the Vikings. I think we squeak one out in Chicago, and the Vikings lose to the Rams, setting up a great prime time showdown for Turkey day.

    After watching this team for nine weeks, a few things stand out. We can play up or down to virtually every talent level. We have had a chance to win or lose every game late. The offense continues to be too predictable early in games, until they let Stafford do his thing in the second half. We absolutely need more consistency in the run game, and would love to see all O-line starters play as a unit, healthy for a few games. Except for Zettle, the pass rush/ D-Line play has been poor.

    With Eagles, Rams, Saints, and Vikings all looking more complete at this time of the season, we will be lucky to win a game even if we make the playoffs. I think next year is the year with another good draft in the trenches, and maybe pick up a legitimate every down back.
  2. Vic Turner Just Sayin

    The Lions seem to be always just a couple of pieces away from being able to compete.

    Stafford has to play better. Until he gets a run game going he will struggle down the stretch.

    The defense needs help up front badly. Both side of The ball we need better line play.

    Quin has spent a lot in FA on the say that's been a bust so far. We need another OG and move Glasgow back to OC. Need better TE play. Need a pass rush from somewhere....

    Just hope Quinn can make it happen. There have been some wins and losses in player personnel thus far.
  3. Rusty Hilger VP, Wrist Cutter's Club

    I've always found these kinds of comments humorous.

    How exactly does this fall on the head coach? Did he not give a fiery enough pre-game pep speech? Not vague enough during the press conferences during the week leading up? You realize that's all they get paid to do, right? Give fiery pregame speeches and evade questions from the media.

  4. I see your point, but don't you think that the HC's primary job is to have his team ready to play? The player's are culpable for their own performance, but the HC needs to ensure everyone plays at a high level ... (aka Bill Belechick)
  5. Rusty Hilger VP, Wrist Cutter's Club

    I tend to think of it more as "putting his team in position to win."

    I think it's their responsibility to get the horse to the water, by any means possible. Duct taping a sling to the horse's leg if it's injured. Smacking it on the behind if it needs a little nudge. Even standing by the water with sugar cubes in your outstretched hands calling "Here horsey, horsey!"

    With that said, this coaching staff continues to take a team with severe talent deficiencies in key areas ... and somehow concocting a scheme that minimizes the impact of those weaknesses and puts them in position to win football games.

    Vast majority of our games were winnable. Even Atlanta and Steelers. That's pretty impressive considering half our front 7 doesn't belong starting for an NFL team.

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