Lions trade for Greg Robinson

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions Blitz' started by badnews3123, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Rusty Hilger VP, Wrist Cutter's Club

    Can we all officially agree now that this was a bad experiment?
  2. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    I guess, but theres still issues if Decker is in there.

    Blitzes weren’t getting picked up, Stafford is holding the ball too long, interior is allowing way too much penetration in run game.
  3. Rusty Hilger VP, Wrist Cutter's Club

    Yet Robinson has been the constant suck factor. We've been seeing sporadic lapses from Swanson and Glasgow, but Robinson has just been this steady, consistent level of suck.
  4. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    Was there a better alternative after Decker got hurt? And I don’t think he’s been so bad that he’s the reason they’ve lost 2 games.
  5. millenbacker !! JUST BREW IT !!

    I agree. I thinks it more on play calling and forcing the run too much. Th y need to go lights outvpassing. They have thevtwlemt tovopen it up butvthe coaches are idiots forcing ball control crap at the wrong part of the game. Build a lead with passing it a lot forst, use ball control in 4th qtr with decent lead.
  6. goldenlions International Playboy

    Personally I think it is all execution. The players just didn't get it done.
  7. Rusty Hilger VP, Wrist Cutter's Club

    I think just about anyone would have been better. Lucas isn't actually a half-bad pass protector. He sucks as a run blocker, but then so does Robinson.

    Mediocre at anything would seem like a huge upgrade right now.

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