Lions vs. Panthers Prediction

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions Blitz' started by littlekaps, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. littlekaps Member

    Wow, anyone else have the Panthers and Lions each 3-1? Yeah, me neither.

    Let's see how this one unfolds....

    Lions Run O vs. Carolina Run D - Carolina is giving up 87 yards a game while the Lions are averaging 97 yards a game on the ground. Stafford and Cooter stuck with the run last week pretty extensively vs. the Vikings tough Run D and were rewarded with Abdullah running for almost 100 yards. The Lions offensive line was banged up a bit and missed some practice time Wednesday but were all back at work on Thursday. I think the Lions keep running the ball here effectively at home.

    EDGE: Lions

    Lions Pass O vs. Carolina Pass D - Carolina has given up 195 yards a game this year with only 1 interception but have 11 sacks. Interesting note - Opponents are completing 70% of their passes against the defense and only New Orleans and Cleveland are worse. After Captain Munnerlynn, the Carolina CB corp are young averaging 23 years of age. Stafford is having a fine year, not a great year, but winning games without throwing it 100 times a game.

    EDGE: Lions

    Carolina Run O vs. Lions Run D - The Lions are only giving up 86 yards a game on the ground but are allowing 4 yards a rush. Carolina is gaining 116 yards a game on the ground but another interesting stat - Lions have caused 3 fumbles and the Panthers have had 3 fumbles this year. If Davis plays, the run defense is that much better but we don't know if Davis will be there.

    EDGE: Carolina

    Carolina Pass O vs. Lions Pass D - Carolina is passing for 200 yards a game and Devin Funchess (local kid!) is starting to show why he was drafted in the 2nd round. Kelvin Benjamin still has continuous injuries and can drop a ball or two. Darius Slay, Killibrew and Quin have been playing out of their mind. If the Lions could ever fix the other corner position, they would be even stronger on the back end. Greg Olsen being out gives the edge to the Lions.

    EDGE: Lions

    Special Teams - Locke, Prater and the Mule. Indoors.

    EDGE: Lions

    Pick is Lions 34, Panthers 19
  2. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    I like our chances in this one, but the potential of Lang and Wagner missing the game really scares me. If they are both out I don't see how the Lions win (or how Stafford makes it through the game).
  3. bigdogchris One-trick pony pwner.

    It will probably be close. They are equally matched teams but because it is home I think the Lions have a slight edge.

    17-13 Lions.
  4. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    Davis should be in, concussion was removed from report. That will help for sure. Mccaffery scares me in space out of the backfield. Carolina’s weapons outside of that don’t worry me too much. Cam is kind of a wild card at this point, had looked awful before last week. Lions D should have an edge.

    Offensively I don’t see them running ball effectively like last week. Though I wouldn’t have predicted they’d do it last week against Vikings either. Like to see the some soften up the Panthers D early using quick stuff to Tate and Riddick/Abdullah. Panthers D is tough, but Lions have opportunities to exploit some spots. I’ll be interested to see how Marvin Jones does. He’s drawn some really tough match-ups early on, Peterson, Rhodes, Trufant. I’d imagine he’ll see Bradberry who’s a decent CB, but not in the class of those other guys.

    Lions are starting to get that national attention and buzz that over the past couple years meant there was a letdown coming. Do think this team has a different feel to it.

    Lions 23
    Panthers 16
  5. goldenlions International Playboy

    Personally I think it is going to take an offense like Atlanta's (before injuries) to beat this team. Cam is coming in with a lot to prove and it might prove too fatal with all the off field distractions. But can't shake the feeling the Lions are being built up too much and they will let down.

    Gimme Carolina by 5
  6. Rusty Hilger VP, Wrist Cutter's Club

    I don't expect much of anything in the run game.

    We're going to need to get creative with the short passing game.

    I'm done doubting the Lions. I think we take this one by a field goal.
  7. Felix True Fan

    coin flip and a close game is what I expect
  8. Schuxu Well-Known Member

    All our LBs and almost the whole OL is hurting. This looks not good.
    Here’s a look at the complete injury report for Friday:
    Lions injury report:

    WR Kenny Golladay (hamstring) - OUT
    RB Dwayne Washington (quad) - OUT
    LB Paul Worrilow (knee) - OUT
    DE Ezekiel Ansah (knee) - Questionable
    S Don Carey (knee) - Questionable
    LB Jarrad Davis (neck) - Quesitonable
    G T.J. Lang (back) - Questionable
    DT Haloti Ngata (shoulder) - Questionable
    C Travis Swanson (ankle) - Questionable
    T Rick Wagner (ankle/shoulder) - Questionable
    LB Tahir Whitehead (pectoral) - Questionable

    Panthers injury report:

    S Kurt Coleman (knee) - OUT
    S Demetrious Cox (ankle) - OUT
    C Ryan Kalil (neck) - OUT
    DE Mario Addison (knee) - Questionable
    DE Julius Peppers (shoulder) - Questionable
    LT Matt Kalil (groin) - Questionable
  9. def 2006 Money Ball Champion!

    Keep the ball rolling...maybe Cam has off week? His legs could hurt us.

    Get on board...

    Lions 27
    Carolina 20
  10. TheDane Well-Known Member

    Lions 18 Panthers 12
  11. goldenlions International Playboy

    Just remember they got rid of the probable designation, so half of the questionables are more like probables.

    I don't see any of the Oline not playing. Ziggy, Carey and Davis are the real questionables.
  12. millenbacker !! JUST BREW IT !!

    Lions 42
    Panthers 3
  13. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    Is that only if Whitehead plays?
  14. Huntermsu Mr. Negativity

    Newton will be the first mobile QB this new defense will face I am quite certain that Newton isn't going to beat them by throwing from the pocket the question will be can they stop him running and rolling out to throw deep when a play breaks down, I am going to show some faith in this defense because they have earned it and say the Lions win:

    Lions 23
    Panthers 17
  15. millenbacker !! JUST BREW IT !!

    No, that's if Whitehead gets hurt early and can't fuck things up.
  16. TheDane Well-Known Member

    When I watch Whitehead, it's like a guy taking a wild ass 3 pointer in BB, no no no no YESSSSSSS....
  17. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    That's actually a really good comparison. Once in a while you really surprise me Dane.
  18. I like the Lions in this one, the passing game gets going 31-21 Lions.
  19. goldenlions International Playboy

    Starting outside linebacker Paul Worrilow is out with a sprained MCL, and wide receiver Kenny Golladay will miss his second straight game with a hamstring injury.

    Running back Dwayne Washington (quad), cornerback Teez Tabor, running back Tion Green, linebacker Thurston Armbrister and offensive lineman Tim Lelito also are inactive for the Lions (3-1).

    Defensive end Armonty Bryant is not eligible to play for the Lions today after the team did not remove him from the exempt list on Saturday. They have to reinstate him to the 53-man roster or release him on Monday.

    Left tackle Matt Kalil, who was questionable for the Panthers, is active today.
  20. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    Since it seems Wagner and Lang are playing, I'll go...

    Lions 31
    Panthers 18
  21. Liongeezer Ornery Old Fart

    27 - 24 Lions
  22. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    Panthers 27
    Lions 23
  23. goldenlions International Playboy

    Lions look like shit today.
  24. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    Slay gave up on that TD to Funchess.
  25. Huntermsu Mr. Negativity

    Panthers size at receiver is killing the Lions right now.

    Ebron is reaching the point of uselessness...

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