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Discussion in 'Detroit Lions Blitz' started by littlekaps, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. bigdogchris One-trick pony pwner.

    This is why I cannot get excited about this team winning a few games.

    Mlive and other media were talking about how great this team is. You have the Detroit radio shows with cornbread eating host and callers saying people like me are bad fans because we would rather be right than enjoy winning because we are not proclaiming this is as a great football team after they beat a few bad teams to start the year.

    No, because I know this kind of dumb shit happens when they lose home games against a team that is not better.

    The Lions will never win playoff games losing games like this.
  2. Vic Turner Just Sayin

    Let's be honest with ourselves

    This team is in a rebuild mode on defense and the OL.

    Filling major needs like OL and LB in the draft/FA in off-season you will lack depth when Injuries happen.

    Essentially the Lions only have one returning LB and a new right side of the OL.

    The core of the team are second year players and rookies.

    I said this before, after Millhew Lions will be in a rebuild while Stafford is in his prime. Not good!!!

    This team is 2-3 years away from doing anything significant. The players they do have can't stay healthy.

    As far as Ebron, he had a decent season last year. His drops have been at the worst possible times this season. Nobody could predict this. He has been steadily improving before this season, and the Lions have been developing other TEs.

    You have a lot of injuries and a lot of young players filling voids right now.
  3. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    Stafford, Slay, Ansah, Quin, Tate, Jones, Riddick, Abdullah, Swanson, Whitead....

    The core of this team is second year players or rookies? Give me a break.

    They were bad yesterday(and still had a chance to win). I get it, I was frustrated too, but let’s not write the obituary on the season yet.

    And if you’ve watched other teams, there’s not exactly a ton of them standing out.
  4. Vic Turner Just Sayin

    How many guys on the OL hurt?

    Who are they playing. Two rookie LBers? How many second year guys?

    Who plays when all these guys are hurt?

    Young guys. First amd second year guys because Millhew shit the bed and tbia team coukdnt draft talent.

    Young guys are getting A LOT of PT. They can't develop they are they thrown into action .

    Quinn, Tate, Lang, Wagner, Morrow, Ngata, Jones....i could go on...all FA's.

    Ashuwn, Glasgow, Decker, Washington...second year guys.

    How many are left from the Millhew era? A small handful...this is a rebuild.
  5. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    Huh? Swanson missed one game and other than that none of those guys have missed a game. Outside of Hyder, who I didn’t even list. And football players often play hurt or do you think other teams are full of guys playing at 100%.

    How many guys on OL are hurt? Probably all of them, but Swanson has missed one game, the rest zero.

    They’re basically playing 1 rookie at LB and he’s a 1st round pick, how many teams aren’t playing their 1st rounder right now. The other LB spot plays maybe 20-30% and after Maybin struggled they’ve given it to Bellore

    You said the core of the team is first and second year players, that’s wrong.

    First and second year guys playing significant snaps Robinson, Glasgow, Killebrew, Zettel, Davis, Golladay, Ledbetter. You’re only calling that the core of the team if you’re high.
  6. goldenlions International Playboy

    No excuses on the injuries, all teams have them. Players didn't execute, so they lost the game. Plain and simple.
  7. Vic Turner Just Sayin

    What about all the FA's?

    Quinn has aggressively turned this roster over. There is a strong core of young players that was not there when Mayhew has this team. For the first time I can remember they are relying on a lot of young players.

    I would add Mayben Reeves and Hyder when healthy. That is 9 players, almost have the team is second year or rookies that are playing a lot of time. If that isn't a "Core" of young players I don't know what it. Of course the Tates, Staffords ETC. are the nucleus. But your acting like the young players are not a factor....they are!!!!

    We are relying on this young "Core" of players to carry a big load. We are in a rebuild phase, they are turning the roster over and expect even more Millhew guys gone next season.
  8. def 2006 Money Ball Champion!

    Carolina is really good when Cam is on and Cam was on. Carolina will make the playoffs and they out manned us. We got robbed against ATL, should be 4-1 - see a pattern here? Overcoming adversity isn't easy, especially when adversity happens all the damn time!
  9. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    A number of the guys I listed are carry-overs from Mayhew and I’d call them more of the core of the team than the “young” guys. Guys like Stafford, Slay, Quin, Tate, Abdullah, Ansah, Riddick, Whitehead, Ngata, Lawson, Diggs are all carry overs and are big pieces to this team.

    I listed the first and second year players that are playing significant snaps, it’s not that many. Where you are getting this idea that Lions are relying on a bunch pups, I have no idea.

    As for Quinn’s free agent signing’s, I think he’s done a solid job addressing vets to improve depth and was aggressive in improving the OL. Still, these are vets, not a bunch of young players.

    I’m not acting like there aren’t young players contribtuing, but you are acting like the Lions are the Browns because their 1st round pick is starting at LB. That they’re 3rd round rookie was rotating in as 3rd WR. That they have a 6th round rookie as a rotational DT. That Glasgow a day 2 pick last year is starting on the OL. Or that Killebrew is splitting snaps with Tavon Wilson.

    You said the core of this team is 1st and 2nd year players, that’s nonsense Vic.
  10. TechLion Super Genius

    Throughout the years the Lions have had success in portions of certain seasons. During those very few exciting times for Lions fans they were getting fucked up on marijuana cornbread and orange kool aid spiked with smirnoff. The success in all of those cases were because the Lions were dominating in the turnover ratio. This year is no different! When the turnovers are not overwhelmingly in there favor the success stops. Winning the turnover battle by a large margin is largely situational and has a lot of luck involved.

    Never bet on or believe in a team when they are dominating the turnover battle! Lets use some common sense here! If the Lions can't do it this year, it's NOT going to happen guys! Lions will not be able to resign top tier players or bring in good replacements because of PIGGY FACES contract. Unless they get lucky as fuck in the draft, the Lions will be in the negative for several years.
  11. goldenlions International Playboy

    This is why you need to lookshit up before you chime in Tech.

    New England and Atlanta (they were in the Super Bowl last season in case you didn't know), were 3rd and 4th in turnover differential in 2016.
  12. TechLion Super Genius

    The difference is NE and Atlanta are consistently good teams that will win the turnover battle by one or two per game. The Lions were just getting lucky with an abnormal amount of turnovers in a short time. The Lions also scored an abnormal about of points off of turnovers. If you think that will last, you are a fool. I probably should have been more specific but I think my message was clear and logical. If the Lions win plus 1 per game, that means they are probably playing good football. If they are plus 3 per game, they are fucking lucky!
  13. Vic Turner Just Sayin

    After reading Tech's post I am having Dre Bly flashbacks.

    Hearing Caldwell chime in on the turnover differential in the press conference has me concerned. As a coach of course you want to win that part of the game, but it seems the Lions are putting WAY too much into winning the turnover battle as part of thier strategy and game plan for success.

    You need to have a team that can score points and play good defense regardless.
  14. Felix True Fan Tech is saying consistency matters? That is just....Genius!
  15. Liongeezer Ornery Old Fart

    I predicted it, Ebron is a primadonna with average hands. He thinks he is too good to block. He has been killing us in big games for the last 2 years.
  16. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    Sure they could. Even as Ebron was supposedly "progressing" last year, he still had drops in critical spots. Just like Pettigrew, his entire career he has had drops at the most inopportune times.
  17. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    Is there an opportune time to drop a pass? I’d imagine it’s more about people already being on edge than it is when he’s dropping the passes.

    The bigger problem is that he’s not making up for the drops. You can live with a guy that has drop issues if he’s making up for it by making a number of other plays. A lot of really good WR’s have/had drop issues, but it’s not as big of an issue because they made up for it. Ebron is on pace for 35-40 catches and about 400 yards.
  18. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    No, but I'd rather he drop a pass on 1st and 10 where afterwards they end up getting a 1st down anyway versus 3rd and 7 when he's wide open beyond the first down marker and forcing them to punt.

    For the record thought I don't buy the notion that if Ebron catches that touchdown, we win the game. While it's possible, it does mean Carolina doesn't have that 27-10 lead when they go into prevent. So we don't know that the Lions score those 2 quick TDs toward the end of the 4th quarter. Probably would have made the game more interesting, but not sure they win it.
  19. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    He’s generally going to thrown to at a much higher rate on 3rd down than on 1st, as would most WR’s. So year, I agree, but my point is more that most drops hurt period. There are obviously situations that are worst, but I think more of late game situations than downs and I’d guess it’s more perception with Ebron that he drops the critical ones. He just drops too many and has a fan base that’s always waiting for the next drop to pounce.

    And like you pointed out, we have no idea that if Ebron catches that ball that Lions win, game could have played out so many different ways at that point.

    He still deserves all the heat he’s getting because he’s not erasing those drops from our mind by making plays. He’s also making it worse with a complete lack of self awareness.
  20. Vic Turner Just Sayin

    I am not a Ebron fan or defending the guy. But he has had some productive games last season.

    Let's not act like he hasn't. I can see why Quinn kept him, I would have gotten rid of him. Hard to though with so many homes to fill. You would hope a couple of Millhew players would pan out like Slay has.
  21. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    He had a decent year last year, didn’t have issue with picking up the option. Wasn’t going to make Lions fans love him, but arrow was at least pointing up. He sucks right now though.

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