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Discussion in 'Detroit Lions Blitz' started by Liongeezer, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    Vrabel will be one of the finalists
  2. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    We are going to have to battle the Giants for Patricia and McDaniels

    ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the Giants have requested to interview Patriots DC Matt Patricia for their open head coaching job.
    They also want to interview Patriots OC Josh McDaniels. A hot coaching candidate every season, Patricia has also been linked with the Lions and likely will be matched with a couple more as this process plays out.

  3. Liongeezer, I will have to respectfully disagree with this. The head coach is not the X's & Os guy, that is the coordinators job. One of the issues when coordinators become HC's they interfere too much with coordinators play calling.
  4. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    Rumors Giants going after Scwhartz too.
  5. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    Colts want to interview McDaniels too
  6. Any of the candidates who are still alive in the playoffs, may not be able to interview yet.
  7. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    Patriots have a bye I believe they can interview this week?
  8. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    Yes, coaches that have byes this week can interview this week.
  9. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reports the Lions have requested an interview with Vikings OC Pat Shurmur for their open head coaching job.
  10. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    Josina Anderson (ESPN): Source: #Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin is interviewing for the team's head coaching vacancy on Tuesday.

  11. If they hire Teryl Austin, I will have lost all faith in Bob Quinn. Teryl Austin was average at best as defensive coordinator.

    Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 11.33.49 AM.png
  12. millenbacker !! JUST BREW IT !!

    I'd prefer Patricia but if he goes elsewhere I wouldn't mind Pat Shurmer.
  13. millenbacker !! JUST BREW IT !!

    wouldn't mind Austin as HC as long as he comtinues to run the defense
  14. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    Ok after thinking this over, my dog in the race is Patricia.
  15. Huntermsu Mr. Negativity

    Since 2014 the Lions lost Suh, Fairley and Levy, what defensive player have they added since that is at the level of Suh, Levy or dare I say even Fairley at least on the DL?
  16. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    If they hire Austin many fans will be pissed.

  17. First to say that Austin has no culpability in the talent evaluation, and drafting/ picking up FA for defense is not an accurate depiction. Most assuredly Austin was part of the talent evaluation since Suh & Co left, including the terrible contract to Levy.

    Where the defense has poorly performed has been fundamentals, such as tackling, and gap responsibility. That falls directly on Austin. The D performed terrible down the stretch and for the past several years made average QB look like MVP's. In 2015, and 2016 the Lions D allowed the 28th, and 32nd quarter back rating in the league. Defensive points allowed, the true measure of success 2015, 2016, 2016 were 23rd, 13th, 21st respectively.

    I'm sorry but his defenses are just underwhelming.
  18. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

  19. Vic Turner Just Sayin

    They need a new HC and OC

    Oh yeah and 6 players on the DL and LB core. When Austin had players his defenses were solid.

    Player personnel is still an issue. This has been glanced over too much. Quinn needs to get this right.
  20. moridin Member

    I agree. Quinn started the offseason on the right footing, now let us see where he goes from there. I felt his first two off seasons weren't horrible, but he needs to continue to improve this team, especially Dline.
  21. Huntermsu Mr. Negativity

    Sure Austin is culpable in part for defensive roster moves but what major defensive investment have they made since 2014? A'Shawn Robinson in the 2nd round and Davis in the 1st round this season? not exactly filling the gap left from pro bowl caliber players like Suh and Levy in a timely fashion.

    As far as Levy's contract I can't fault anyone with the Lions for that because no one could have foresaw those injuries.
  22. CapnCrunch who gives a crap?

    Lions fire offensive line coach/assistant head coach Ron Prince

    Posted by Josh Alper on January 1, 2018, 12:46 PM EST

    Getty Images
    Jim Caldwell wasn’t the only person to receive a pink slip from the Lions on Monday.
    According to multiple reports, the team also fired offensive line coach/assistant head coach Ron Prince. Prince, who was Kansas State’s head coach from 2006-08, joined the Lions in 2014 and initially worked with tight ends before making the move to the offensive line the next year.
    While there’s been talk of the Lions holding onto offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter after hiring Caldwell’s replacement, it’s no surprise that they’re interested in changing things up on the offensive line. The team brought in two new starters in free agency last year, but still allowed a franchise-record 47 sacks while fielding a rushing attack that ranked at the bottom of the league.
    Fixing those issues will be a top priority for whoever gets the head coaching job and whoever they choose as Prince’s replacement on the offensive staff.
  23. K-Dawg Big Dawg Is Here!

    I don't think he really wielded the kind of power he should have had in Cinnci. He couldn't keep some of those guys in line at all, Burfict is still doing stupid things. With a sturdier management team behind him, I think he might find success somewhere else. I just don't know if I would want that to be in Detroit. I think he could probably take on the Giants rebuild and probably be pretty good though.


    Consider the lack of talent on that side of the ball first of all, then consider he's been interviewed all over the place. If Quinn thinks the coaching staff is pretty good, but needs a change or two, I can see Austin getting promoted, and filling those one or two spots.

    My question is, how much influence did Caldwell have on Austin and Cooter when it came to game planning? Someone mentioned a few weeks back about how watching the Lions in the first half is like watching someone poke a wall with a stick, seeing what works, what the wall is weak and strong against. So how conservative/vanilla was the playcalling, because that's how Caldwell wanted it? Or did Caldwell give Cooter and Austin completely free reign? If they had total control themselves, then yeah, I'd consider moving on from both.

    I think if a former DC is hired, then Cooter is probably sticking around.
  24. moridin Member

    The way I see it, if Quinn is firing Caldwell, why keep anyone? Interview Austin and whomever you think is a possibility to be a head coach and then tell everyone on the coaching staff that their employment is terminated. I don't want to see them go out and get a coach, say Patricia, and saddle him with Cooter or Austin. Let whomever the new coach is have say in who his coordinators are.
  25. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    They will have say in their staff, but why fire those guys now? The Lions do have some good assistants the new HC might want to keep.

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