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Discussion in 'Detroit Lions Blitz' started by millenbacker, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. millenbacker !! JUST BREW IT !!

    1) dump all the RBs. They're garbage.

    2) let Ansah test FA. do not tag him.

    3) trade or cut Ebron.

    4) resign Ngata to 1 year player-coach contract.

    5) replace cooter and Caldwell. Offer Austin the HC position.
  2. moridin Member

    Sorry Millenbacker, they are not going to dump Caldwell. I just don't see that happening.

    I can agree with the rest, maybe not dump all the RBs.

    #1 priority needs to be Dline. We need pass rushers especially.
  3. TheDane Well-Known Member

    Need a short yardage power back but I'd keep AA and Riddick. This has been the situation for some time now. Ansah and Ebron likely gone, someone will pay them. Ngata can be a coach, his playing days are over. Coaches have done OK with what they have to work with, they're not in charge of the draft or FA. Extend what's his name we got in the off season to be our special teams coach. Need a DT and DE in FA, we don't have time for them to develop. Draft a RB, LB and an OL in the first 3 rounds in any order that works. Should probably grab a LB in FA as well. We have money, our secondary is pretty solid, WR's are looking solid. We have an above average QB with an average team. The QB is not going to elevate the play of the team, we simply need more talent. Finding a receiving TE to replace Ebron just isn't that hard, and Roberts is getting some time on the field. Give me a late round WR who has size and can chip, there's your next TE. Still a month away from my "Way too early draft" but I pretty much already know who I want and in what round.
  4. Rusty Hilger VP, Wrist Cutter's Club

    As painful as this is to say, we still need Oline.

    And we still need linebackers. Davis is not acceptable.

    And obviously D-line.

    It's like groundhog's day.
  5. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    Yeah we should just give up on him. It's not like he's a rookie or anything.
  6. Rusty Hilger VP, Wrist Cutter's Club

    Let him sit and learn along with Maybin. He;s a liability at this point.
  7. millenbacker !! JUST BREW IT !!

    Yeah, same could have been said about Slay his rookie season. Now he's pro bowl caliber. Same likely going to happen with Davis.
    We do need 2 more LBs, one in draft and one in FA.
    RB I would keep Riddick if I had to keep one. AA is garbage.
    TE I really wanted the lions to draft Shaheen. The bears got him. He was a second rounder I think. We drafted Tabor instead.SMH.
    DL we need a Ngata caliber DT alongside Robinson. We also need a top tier DE. Draft or FA, I don't care, just get one. Stop with these high ceiling players that didn't work out somewhere else.
    I'd also draft or sign a center. Swanson is way over rated.
  8. TheDane Well-Known Member

    Look at Levy's rookie year, even though Davis isn't going to play 16 games his numbers are likely to be almost the same. Looks like a good draft year for DT's, not so much on DE's. I hate having to grab a DE in FA because it's impossible to get a good one w/o really throwing out the dough but we don't have a game changer at DE or on the D period. Not sure who is going to be available. With re to Swanson, if we pick up a decent OL in the draft then moving Glasgow over becomes a possibility. Kerry Hyder is a restricted FA in 2018, if he comes back having Hyder, Zettle, Washington and a top tier FA DE looks good.
  9. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    The DL market in FA right now looks pretty thin and just lost one of the better ones in Okafor who blew his Achilles.
  10. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately Ansah might be the best one available. Although I believe Sheldon Richardson is a free agent as well. What about Lawrence from Dallas?
  11. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    Yeah they are both out there. Obviously have off-field concerns with both. Lawrence’s explosion in contract year is a little concerning too.
  12. Honolulublue4life Fan for life

    1) Le'Veon Bell, Carlos Hyde might be available

    2) agreed

    3) agreed

    4) Nagata is probably done

    5) Caldwell is going nowhere yet, Cooter and Austin stay too
  13. badnews3123 Well-Known Member

    Lions claimed Dwight Freeney off waivers. Desperation for pass rush is strong.

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