Week 4 Lions at Vikings

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions Blitz' started by Singapore_Lion, Sep 30, 2017.

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    Because they were playing clock game and likely didn't feel like putting him out there in that situation.

    Good game. Take any road win you can get and Lions already have 2.

    Stafford was a little off. Got lucky on some throws and thought a couple of those sacks were on him. Beyond coverage being an issue. The one in the first half in the red zone was totally on him trying to create something when he would have been better served throwing it out of the end zone and living with 3rd and manageable.

    Abdullah ran great. Thought OL did a good job getting push, but he was breaking tackles and making guys miss all day. Hopefully a minor ankle tweak. A little annoyed refs let that go on as long as they did on that play, forward progress had long been stopped.

    Great game by D. Missing some key guys. Even without Bradford, I was impressed with Keenum. Has a good feel in the pocket and made some nice throws.
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    I was at the game today. I have to give a shout out to the Vikings fans and staff who work the stadium. Class all the way.

    I swear the lions fan crowd had a "let's go Lions" chant going for a few seconds.

    Good game, lot more running plays than I would imagine. But this Vikings team is good. Especially the defense. I am hoping Bradford is back by Tday to get the real QB, but a shame about Cook. Hope he is okay.
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    Why would you not have your best running back in the game when playing the clock game? I pretty much GUARANTEE it was because of the injury. Not saying it's a serious injury, but if that didn't happen he is in there.
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    It looked like a serious crowd there Golden! A sea of purple. I saw a few cheeseheads in attendance from my TV which is always weird. Such a good defensive game by both clubs, but Detroit really stepped up on Defense. The Defense is saving some games here. THAT SAID we are the only undefeated team in the league, that is if ATL didn't win, I haven't checked. We got hosed and this team bounced back. I like that. The O -line situation needs to be figured out here.
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    By clock game, I mean run the ball 3 times, eat up clock, punt and have your defense hold them off. They didn't see need to risk him with a tweaked ankle. We'll see if it's more.
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    That's loser mentality. Winning teams don't play to punt in that situation. They play to get the first down without stopping the clock. But based on the way they called the second half I wouldn't doubt if they were playing to punt.
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    I didn't understand handing the ball off to Riddick, if you are trying to play it safe and trying simple run plays up the middle you might as well give it to Zenner who has a better chance of falling forward and maybe get you that first down, fortunately the defense was up to the task of stopping them one last time.
  10. Vic Turner Just Sayin

    I liked them getting the other TE's in the game and limiting Ebron.

    Stafford should have had 2 passes intercepted, maybe more.

    They should have got the ball in Tates hands more on the short pass and screen game. Maybe he is hurt more the we know.

    Agree on the play calls from Cooter, I'm sure the Vikes D had something to do with that too
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    Yet that's the way the NFL works. Fans bitch, teams do it.
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    I will play the "a win is a win" card. I still don't think this team has played a total team game-

    Arizona - Defense got hit early and offense started way too slow
    New York - Offense was iffy, special teams and defense were dynamite
    Atlanta - Defense was horrible early, picked up and offense showed up late
    Minnesota - Defense was stellar, offense very iffy, Locke on special teams was awesome

    What happens when the offense plays well and the defense plays well? Last year, it was the offense saving the defense and this year it is the defense carrying the water.

    My favorite thing that Quinn has done - look at the young guys playing. Zettel, Killibrew, Gallady, Reeves-Maybin, Agnew, Ledbetter, Glasgow, Decker, Robinson, Roberts blocking and finally caught a pass yesterday.

    That's a lot of young guys contributing early and with veterans with them, we FINALLY have a nice mix of players. I like this team, hope they can keep it going and write their own history without having to answer "road win percentage", "wins vs. teams with a winning record" or "playoff history".
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    How long have some of you been watching football? Thats what good defenses do, limit the opposing offense and make their QBs look pedestrian. Its like some of you have never seen a good defense before.

    A classic black and blue game...won on the road....against a legit playoff contender...with a winning record....thats a solid fuckjng win no matter what
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    I get what you're saying, but teams consistently rarely play "complete" games. It's usually one side picking up the other at times because your opponent is usually stronger on one side of the ball. Usually the complete games come against bad teams. Which despite the Giants record is, not sure Lions have played yet.
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    That's fair. I don't think anyone would contest that. I know at least for me I just pointed out that Stafford and the receivers were completely out of sync (whatever the reason may be - I'm sure the defense had a lot to do with it). But it is a discussion board, so we, you know, discuss things.
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    I also think that he has been overlooked..."Locke on special teams was awesome".
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    They did look out of sync, but I believe there were two reasons for that.

    1. Vikings D is very good. They were able to crush the line and cover very well. That D can be scary good.
    2. Refs. The Refs let a lot go in the secondary. While Spielman and the other guy mentioned a lot of grabbing on the Lions DBs, the same was true for the Vikings DBs. Lot of grabbing, shoving and battling in both secondaries which really threw off any timing.
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    Normally I agree with you there, but the way Stafford was under constand duress during the game I had the feeling the Defense was less likely to give up a TD than an Offense that aired it out trying to get a first down.

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