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Discussion in 'Detroit Lions Blitz' started by Felix, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Sanders97 #1 semi-fan.

    If I ever said that I didn't think there was any mental illness involved, then I was reacting to the context of the discussion. If you haven't been able to tell, I don't spend a lot of time going back and reading my previous words. It's just not worth my time. I know what I think and I know how my mind works...even if it is a mess, at times.

    If I claimed some kind of mental illness, would that make you feel better about what a pain in the ass I can be??? Haha

    I am not saying there is zero chance that he has some kind of mental illness. I'm just saying that I believe the larger contributing factor to his criminal behavior and the ongoing dodging of the penalty is a social one.

    Personally, I suppose I could say I give a shit. If the moron came knocking on my door, he'd be dealt with the same way anyone else would...crazy asshole or just plain asshole. I'm just saying I think it's gone on far longer than it should have or not...the judge needs to recognize this for what it is or he's just doing the same kind of enabling that has likely made Titus Young behave the way that he does.
  2. CapnCrunch who gives a crap?

    Titus Young arrested again

    Posted by Michael David Smith on July 14, 2014, 8:12 PM EDT
    [IMG]Getty Images
    Titus Young, the former Lions receiver whose personal life has spiraled out of control over the last two years, has been arrested again.
    Young was arrested on a felony charge of battery with serious bodily injury and is in custody in Los Angeles, USA Today reports. Young also faces four misdemeanor charges in connection with the same incident.
    Young’s arrest came just a day before he was supposed to appear in court in Newport Beach, California, where he is facing felony burglary and assault charges stemming from an incident last year.
    The 24-year-old Young has reportedly been receiving treatment, and his father has said he has a mental disorder.
    The Lions took Young in the second round of the 2011 NFL draft. He showed some promise early on, catching 48 passes for 607 yards and six touchdowns as a rookie. But he clashed with coaches during his second season and was cut by the Lions early in 2013.
  3. Sanders97 #1 semi-fan.

    So much for being "in treatment" and "away from the public". Sounds like he was seeing a therapist through an OP clinic.

    Personally, I think the person he assaulted should be able to press charges against the judge and anyone else who enabled Titus Young to keep dodging responsibility for his actions.
  4. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    I try my hardest to avoid this thread...but how was this guy even out and about? Mental it whatever you want...the dude is a danger to society.
  5. Felix True Fan

    I saw that yesterday and meant to post it, but I forgot....what a douche....
  6. Sanders97 #1 semi-fan.

    But he's a mentally ill douche...right??? Haha

    And nobody else can be blamed for his continued behavior, but his mentally ill self...right???
  7. Felix True Fan

    Youre changing the argument now. No one ever excused this on mental illness. It was simply an observation, which then you came out and flat out denied. That's what the conversation was...You have since changed the stance to you think he does have issues so the discussion is over...

    Yeah, douche.....he has been prscribed meds Im sure, sounds like he didn't take them....again, no one ever looked to justify his actions, simply stated that there has to be something mentally wrong with the dude...but Im sure this is all stemming from his parents coddling because Sanders said so... :rolleyes:
  8. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    Oh jeez, here we go again. How many different ways can you have the same exact argument? Only on LRZ...
  9. Vic Turner Just Sayin

    Gets arrested the day before court? This is beyond douche....NUTZ douche
  10. Huntermsu Mr. Negativity

    I haven't agreed with you this much in a long time, well said.
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  11. Sanders97 #1 semi-fan.

    LMAO...Doooood!!! I already asked you to show me where I ever blatantly denied the possibility that he was mentally ill and you chose not go lay down. I'm not changing shit.

    I do think it's possible that he has some legitimate mental illness. I also think it's possible that he doesn't and is just a pure, 100%, certifiable asshole. I also think we live in a society where mental illnesses seem to be created and handed out to anyone who can't seem to follow the fukkin' rules. Who the fukk knows what the real scoop is on Titus Young??? Honestly...who the fukk cares???

    The FACT is, he's a douche and he's a criminal. That is fact.

    In my OPINION, he's a criminal douche who was coddled and told that he was special his whole life and was never really held accountable...given multiple breaks...had the rules bent for him, etc., just so he could keep being the town hero on Friday on and so forth. And the worst part of it...nobody...not Titus Young or any of the people that are responsible for his growth and development have been held accountable yet. My bet is there's a psychiatrist out there somewhere that can attach a label to that. Haha

    Yup...this is the society that we've created for ourselves through passivity. Fukkin' disgusting.
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  12. Sanders97 #1 semi-fan.

    Thank you. It's good to note where we agree with those we normally don't. It helps to lend one credibility. Felix and a few others around here could benefit from this lesson.

    unghey smiley
  13. Sanders97 #1 semi-fan.

    C'mon. This shit is kinda fun...isn't it???

    What the fukk else are we supposed to be talking about right now??? LOL. Our hopes for the 2014 season??? Yahh...okayyy...
  14. Felix True Fan

    It was in a thread that was on the board that we weren't given during the upgrade. Sorry I.can't pull it up for you.

    And I'll agree with you when you make sense...the part about holding the judicial.system accountable was funny I thought. I didn't comment because I don't necessarily disagree...there's just no.way that'll ever happen. I mean over a year? Yikes. I was reading stuff that made me think he was in a treatment center, which then I could fact I think I said something along the lines of as long as he's off the street I don't care...but he wasn't off the street and look what happens...

    As far as mental issues vs asshole....I don't know man...I think his odd behavior is beyond asshole...normal people just don't do shit like that....
  15. def 2006 Money Ball Champion!

    Let's talk about a Sanders Podcast...I think we can make this happen, Sanders (if time permitting) sets up a Lions pennant of something Lions in the backdrop in front of a webcam and each week a different RZ members calls into the show! What ya think?
  16. Sanders97 #1 semi-fan.

    LMAO!!! @ def

    Felix...I getcha. I'm just tellin' ya...I see this shit all the time. As in every single day. He's probably going to end up with a Bi-Polar diagnosis, possibly ADD/ADHD, and I almost guarantee he'll get an ODD label (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). While those can be legitimate issues, I see them handed out to undisciplined assholes all the time. Then I say..."whatever. Medicate the fukk out of them so they just stop being assholes". Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Either my opinion, the biggest victim is the patient, himself, because the biggest contributor to their problem is their parents and a permissive society that makes excuses for shit.
  17. CapnCrunch who gives a crap?

    Yesterday we told you that former Detroit Lions receiver Titus Young had been arrested again on battery charges—this time for causing serious bodily injury in Los Angeles, California.
    Details were scarce at the time, but we’ve now find out that the victim was actually Young’s own attorney.
    The attack reportedly took place at a “medical treatment center,” where Young is also accused of attacking four other people—all in separate incidents at the same facility in the last month and a half, according to TMZ Sports.
  18. Sanders97 #1 semi-fan.

    Haha...there ya go. Attacking the very people that are "supposed to" be helping (enabling) him. So typical.

    He will get the most help when he is truly held accountable.

    Not sure I wanna go off what TMZ has to say, though.
  19. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    He's already got one...

  20. Sanders97 #1 semi-fan.

    Haha. C'mon, man!!! I couldn't even watch more than a minute and a half of that. Poor kid. He has no idea what he's in for throughout his life and time as a Lions fan.

    I would love to do some video interaction shit. I think that would be fun. I nominate Blaming Barry to be the first caller, since he thinks it'll be awkward like an eleven year old complaining about how the Lions suck. I can complain way better than that. LOL
  21. LAW Veritatis
  22. Sanders97 #1 semi-fan.

    This still reeks of minimal accountability, but maybe he'll get his shit together. I just wish a few of my career highlights would be newsworthy. Haha. I've had bigger, more violently abusive kids threaten and "attempt" to assault me. If Titus would have tried any of his thug wannabe shit with me, he'd have more than one concussion to blame for his idiotic behavior.

    I still say it's less mental and more behavioral. Still, he "could" get his head out of his ass.
  23. millenbacker !! JUST BREW IT !!

    Don't agree. Mental issues can really mess you up. Not justifying his behavior just saying being wired wrong you can do things normal people wouldn't do. Not getting into details but been there to a lesser point.
  24. Blaming Barry Well-Known Member

    Are we still talking about this? Can this be moved to Mental Breakdowns? Seems like that would be the perfect fit.
  25. Huntermsu Mr. Negativity

    Mental breakdowns could be renamed the Titus Young forum...

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